Using a Conference Workshop Setting to Engage Mathematics Teachers in Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Stephanie Timmons-Brown, Catharine Warner


In this article, the authors explore using a conference workshop setting to engage mathematics teachers, who serve largely underserved student populations, in culturally relevant pedagogy (CRP). The conference workshop encouraged the exchange of information among teachers of similar grade levels and classroom contexts. The authors’ analysis of the findings highlight improvements in teachers’ perceptions of their CRP knowledge as well as beneficial features of the conference workshop. These features include the creation of networks among mathematics teachers and team leaders, new post-conference mathematics lessons to implement in the classroom, and encouragement for the expansion of relationships and engagement in the classroom. While some teachers found their new knowledge of CRP served to validate current practices, others found that the conference workshop provided a language with which to integrate successful practices into the mathematics classroom.


culturally relevant pedagogy, mathematics education, mathematics teacher professional development

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