Financial Literacy with Families: Opportunity and Hope

Lorraine M. Baron


In this article, the author explores the link between citizens’ quantitative literacy abilities and their financial prosperity. The author applies a robust social justice research vision and a Freirean approach to describe personal flourishing within the context of numerical, mathematical, and financial literacy (NMFL) education. Four families participated in a weekly evening community program that was designed to inform them about NMFLs. Analysis of the interview data showed that participants described a sense of personal flourishing, gained confidence and skills, and felt financially empowered enough to teach and transfer that knowledge to their children. The author proposes a conceptual framework linking personal flourishing with NMFLs, and suggests the framework be used to investigate and describe quantitative literacy and financial literacy in future empowering pedagogies research.


community research, financial literacy, flourishing, quantitative literacy, social justice research

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Illuminating Urban Excellence