The Effects of Teacher Collective Responsibility on the Mathematics Achievement of Students Who Repeat Algebra

Jessica Morales-Chicas, Charlotte Agger


In this article, the authors use the national High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 (HSLS:09) dataset to explore (a) if repeating algebra in the eighth grade was associated with overall mathematics grades and course-taking patterns by twelfth grade, (b) if repeating algebra in the eighth grade was associated with students’ final grade in algebra, (c) if the level of teacher collective responsibility of mathematics teachers in school predicted students’ who repeated algebra final grade in algebra, and (d) if this association differed by students’ gender. The authors’ analysis suggests that repeating algebra may bolster mathematics success for certain students; however, in schools with low perceptions of collective responsibility among teachers, final grades in algebra were lower for male students repeating algebra. Implications for achievement and long-term course-taking patterns when students repeat algebra are discussed


algebra, course-taking patterns, mathematics achievement, mathematics policy, teacher collective responsibility

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