Vol 1, No 1 (2008)

Inaugural issue published December 11, 2008.

Table of Contents


Illuminating Urban Excellence: A Movement of Change within Mathematics Education PDF
Lou Edward Matthews


Putting the "Urban" in Mathematics Education Scholarship PDF
William F. Tate


Racism, Assessment, and Instructional Practices: Implications for Mathematics Teachers of African American Students PDF
Julius Davis, Danny Bernard Martin
Learning Mathematics in a Borderland Position: Students Foregrounds and Intentionality in a Brazilian Favela PDF
Ole Skovsmose, Pedro Paulo Scandiuzzi, Paola Valero, Helle Alro
Math Links: Building Learning Communities in Urban Settings PDF
Jacqueline Leonard, Brian R. Evans
Practices Worthy of Attention: A Search For Existence Proofs of Promising Practitioner Work in Secondary Mathematics PDF
Pamela L. Paek

Illuminating Urban Excellence