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The Thesis Abstracts section of JUME provides emerging scholars whose work focuses on the complexities of mathematics teaching and learning within the urban domain an opportunity to make available to JUME readers the abstract of their doctoral dissertation or master thesis. JUME will publish the abstract of dissertations/theses completed in the past 12 months; author will be notified when published abstracts are removed from the JUME web site.

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Voices of Marginalized Youth: An Exploration of Mathematical Learning, Limited School Choice, and High Mobility Abstract
Kinser-Traut, Jennifer
Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies, University of Arizona
Becoming a 'Good' Mathematics Teacher:An Epic journey Through Different Mathematical Terrains Abstract
Sharma, Toyanath
Mathematics Education, Kathmandu University, Nepal
Don't Count Me Out: A Feminist Study of African American Girls' Experiences in Mathematics Abstract
Ragland, Tamra Christine
Curriculum and Instruction, University of Cincinnati
Removing the Barrier: Using Explicit Direct Instruction and Modified Graphic Organizers With Struggling Geometry Students Abstract
Carter, David Brian
Education, Holy Names University
Rap Music as an Instruction Method for Urban 7th Grade Mathematics Abstract
Rogers, Samyra Adele
School of Education, University of St. Thomas
"Meek, but Not Weak!": A Resilient Black Female Mathematics Teacher Composes a Purposeful Life Abstract
Leavitt, Della R.
Curriculum & Instruction, University of Illinois at Chicago
Children, Space, and the Urban Street: An Ethnomathematics Posture Abstract
Mesquita, Monica
Education, New Lisbon University